Sports Pictures:
 I have been in business for fifteen years and have owned my own business for the last ten years.  I love my work and enjoy people. I give 110% of myselfand try to make my sessions with the kids fun and enjoyable for them.  I don't just stand there and snap each child to get rid of them faster.  I do my best to take the best picture possible of them.  I want the parents, the kids and the league, to be satisfied with my work and want me back next year.  After all, besides showing off their child, my reputation is at stake.  I also strive for perfection on my team photos.
     This is a fund raiser for your league, and the parents should be satisfied with what they are paying for.  However, lots of parents are not aware that this is a fundraiser.
     MY WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED.  If the pictures are not satisfactory, I will re-take them or refund their money.
     I enclose a note in each child's picture package to the parents.  If there is a problem with their pictures, do not contact the league or the coach.  Contact my office and we will take care of the problem as soon as possible. 
     The quality of my work and professionalism should speak for itself.  I am thankful that I can turn everyone's memories in to lifetime glances, and hope that I can be a very big part of your fundraiser.
     If you need any additional information, such as percentages, references or samples, contact me at 615-696-1553 or

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